I am a Winner: Best Baby Toys of 2012

I’ve never won a thing in my life. I buy scratch tickets and usually get a $1, if I’m lucky. I play the slots at Mohegan and come away empty-handed every single time. I enter online contests and slip my name into door prize drawings at events and fade into oblivion. I’m determined to win SOMETHING and I figure the more I try, the closer I’ll get to being a winner!

As I find contest and online sweepstakes for good booty, I’ll be sure to share it here.

Currently, I’ve been entering the Parents.com sweepstakes for the Best Baby Toys of 2012. Every day during October you can enter to win a featured toy. I scan the day’s toy every morning to see if it’s suitable for my son and enter if it’s cool or ignore it if it’s not (he has no use for a duct tape wallet crafting kit, for example). Today’s toy is an awesome Ballapalooza game from Fisher Price that retails for $70. Hells no will I buy that – so let’s see if I can win it! If you’d like to take a crack at it – Enter Here. You can even see a schedule of the upcoming toys for future days, making it easier to plan ahead and only enter for the toys you really want. Good luck, and if you win don’t tell me. My time will come eventually.


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